Guardianship and Conservatorship



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Guardian and Conservatorship

If you have a parent or elderly relative who no longer has the mental capacity to manage his or her affairs or you are the parent of a disabled child, Bowman & Krieger will assess the situation and help you set up the best legal structure for protecting their interests. Based on their needs and their ability to function, we may petition the court to have a guardian or conservator appointed. A conservator serves only to manage financial affairs, including assets and income. If your loved one has no assets or significant income, a guardianship may more appropriate. We will also advise you regarding other elder law issues that may arise, such as Medical Assistance planning or the prepayment of funeral expenses. We can also assist in setting up special needs or supplemental needs trusts.

We handle both contested and uncontested guardianship/conservatorship proceedings. We will also prepare any reports that must be filed, including the annual accounting of assets that must be submitted to the court.