Landlord and Tenant Law



       Bowman & Krieger is a full service law firm.  In each of our areas of practice we have the depth of knowledge needed to provide timely, practical and effective advise.  Our attorneys have broad experience in civil and transactional law practice, including the following practice areas:

Landlord and Tenant Law

At Bowman & Krieger, we provide legal advice and representation in many landlord-tenant disputes. We have handled cases from both the tenant and the landlord sides of the dispute.

We help landlords address many common concerns, including:

•                      Lease Agreements;

•                      Housing Discrimination; and

•                      Eviction.

We also represent tenants, and work to protect their rights.  The majority of our experience has come from the landlord side of the dispute. This experience allows us to help tenants in a dispute because we understand the landlord's motives and thought processes.

We help tenants address many common concerns, including:

•                      Habitability issues;

•                      Housing Discrimination;

•                      Enforcing the terms of the lease agreement; and,

•                      Obtaining the security deposit.