Family Law


Bowman & Krieger divorce attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals and families...

Our attorneys provide professional counsel to address the legal, emotional, and financial needs of our clients. We are committed to providing quality legal representation to our family law clients. Bowman & Krieger attorneys provide a wide variety of family law services, including but not necessarily limited to the following:

•                      Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment;

•                      Spousal Maintenance ;

•                      Child Support;

•                      Child Custody;           

•                      Visitation/Parenting Time;

•                      Business and Property Valuation and Division;

•                      Post-Dissolution Matters;

•                      Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements;

•                      Name Change;

•                      Paternity;

•                      Adoption;

•                      Negotiation, Settlement & Trial of Disputes;

•                      Appeals of Trial Court Orders;

•                      Alternative Dispute Resolutions: Practical advice to individuals seeking to mediate or utilize other alternatives to the court system; and, 

•                      Divorce and Matrimonial Matters.

Our family law attorneys are prepared to provide professional and practical advice to those interested in antenuptial (prenuptial) agreements, and postnuptial agreements, and those considering divorce.  Regardless of our clients' decisions on these issues, we strive to ensure that each individual is fully informed of the relevant options and the potential effects of his or her decision. When a divorce or separation does occur, Bowman & Krieger family law attorneys bring their expertise to the process of negotiating or mediating a settlement.  If proceeding to court is necessary, our skilled trial attorneys advocate for our clients in trial courts throughout the state, and, when necessary, in the Nebraska Court of Appeals and Nebraska Supreme Court.


Mark Krieger is trained as a Nebraska Parenting Plan Mediator, allowing him to mediate family law matters.  He is an experienced mediator who assists in confidential, expedited resolution of disputes without the costs and often unpleasant experiences associated with trial.   Mr. Krieger has twenty-five years of experience litigating family law matters, as such he brings the knowledge and skills learned from those cases and practical application to his role as a mediator to quickly and efficiently arrive at a fair resolution for all parties involved.

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