Commercial and Business Transactions & Litigation

Bowman & Krieger can assist you in any commercial transaction your business requires. 

Our attorneys have vast experience drafting commercial loans, equipment leases, and secured transactions.  Our experienced attorneys are committed to providing you prompt and efficient service in these matters.

The law firm of Bowman & Krieger provides comprehensive counsel and representation for residential and commercial property transactions, land use and litigation.  We protect the interests of owners, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers and lenders.

Many commercial transactions are executed without any problems.  But when things go wrong, they can really go wrong.  Consulting a commercial law attorney on the front end can prevent many conflicts, and early legal interventions in disputes can help protect your investment and limit the expense, time and headaches.

The attorneys of Bowman & Krieger can assist you in litigation arising out of the operation of your business.  We have many years of experience representing clients in disputes involving contract performance and claims; partner and shareholder disputes; Uniform Commercial Code claims and remedies; cases involving company trade secrets, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, and confidential information agreements; disputes involving real estate purchase agreements and leases; employee/employer complaints; and many more.

Whether you are initiating action or being sued, whether you are protecting the company or your own interests, the law firm of Bowman & Krieger has the combination of business acumen and civil litigation experience to work it out or fight it out.

We provide plaintiff and defense counsel in business litigation to a wide range of clients in Nebraska.  Our experienced litigators represent business entities and individual stakeholders in resolving any type of corporate or commercial dispute, including:


•                      Contract disputes


•                      Internal disputes among partners and shareholders


•                      Business dissolution


•                      Business torts (unfair competition, fraud, defamation)


•                      Employment litigation


•                      Copyright and trademark infringement


•                      D&O lawsuits (director and officer liability)


•                      Business transaction litigation


•                      Judgments, liens and collections


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